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SWAYSSouthwest Advocates for Youth Services (Edwardsville, IL)
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The narrow seas around these isles, where British admirals keep watch and ward upon the marches of the Atlantic Ocean, are subject to the turbulent sway of the West Wind.
How he managed to cope with his humor; whether he pledged himself in raw rum and blazing punch, and "clinked the can" with him as they made their bargains, does not appear upon record; we must infer, however, from his general observations on the absolute sway of this hard-drinking potentate, that he had to conform to the customs of his court, and that their business transactions presented a maudlin mixture of punch and peltry.
The direct beneficial consequences of these tasks were reflected in the ability of the participants to regain stability or decreased postural sways on the postural graphs, likely by taking advantage of the restored proprioceptive information and integrating it with vestibular inputs and other sensorimotor cues.
Unveiled last night near the Monument, the tree is projected on to the side of a building and because of smart censors it bends and sways with the wind.
Barack Obama has shown a notable ability to sway the hearts and minds of audiences.
The problem stems in part from the preposition with, which sways between implications of reciprocity and opposition.