SWBISouthwest Border Initiative (US Department of Justice)
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Pengaruh Suku Bunga Konvensional, SBI dan SWBI terhadap Sumber dan Penggunaan Dana pada Bank Syariah.
While STEP participants received content identical to the SWBI program, contact frequency and type (in person, phone, individual or group) and other strategies were modified at three-month intervals, depending on achieving the specific weight loss goals.
Bivariate correlations of the demographic and disability variables with depression, perceived social support, life satisfaction, and the SWBI total scores are shown in Table 1, and the results of the regression analysis performed with the CES-D are presented in Table 2.
The SWBI, in operation since 1994, allows federal agencies to track the flow of drugs from Colombia or Mexico into the United States.
SWBI specifically targets Mexican trafficking organizations that operate along the southwest border.
185) For additional information on the SWBI, see [http://www.