SWBPSemantic Web Best Practices
SWBPSouth Warwickshire Business Partnership (UK)
SWBPService Water Booster Pump
SWBPSafer Walsall Borough Partnership (UK)
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SWBP chairman David Martin said: "We want people to actually feel safer and this initiative will help residents of these areas deal successfully with many issues of concern and genuinely feel they are living in a safer community
Dismantling the damaged existing NB 300mm, NB 450mm pipes, reducer and bends of SWBP, AWSP, PHE & Fabrication of new and erection in Unit III during annual overhaul period 2016-17.
Residents told the SWBP of their major concerns in the area, including drug abuse, anti-social behaviour in Bloxwich Park, sale of alcohol to youngsters and fly-tipping.
Tenders are invited for NCTPS I SE MI circle TM Dn Dismantling the damaged existing NB 300mm NB 450mm pipes reducer and bends of SWBP AWSP & PHE and fabrication of new & erection etc in Unit I & II during capital overhaul 2016 17