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SWBSSpiritual Well-Being Scale
SWBSSomebody Wanted But So (reading strategy)
SWBSSouthwest By South
SWBSShips Work Breakdown Structure
SWBSSouthwest Border State(s)
SWBSSatori Wealth Building System (Satori Group)
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Affective component of ICP SWBS was subjected to principal component analysis (PCA) separately for Positive Affect items, Negative Affect items and Life Satisfaction items.
The subscale structure of the SWBS determined from factor analysis has varied across studies.
Both the SIBS and the SWBS showed high test-retest reliability (r = 0.
A three variable solution was found for the discriminant function model with confidence/achievement motivation, goal setting/mental preparation, and freedom from worry contributing significantly to the equation, accounting for 13% of the variability in SWBS levels (Wilk's Lambda = .
This item refers to coping strategies involving spiritual comfort, thereby overlapping with the SWBS.
Scores on the GRCS, MGRS, SWBS and I/E ROS subscales were calculated and together with the personal data were entered into a data file for further statistical analyses.
The SWBS (Ellison, 1983) was administered prior to the first session.
Validity and Reliability of Instruments SCP-Part I SWBS SIBS (Process) SWBS .
A cover letter along with the RVS, SWBS, and POI were sent by mail to 45 addictions counselors throughout Virginia.
Consecutive patients were asked by the receptionist to complete both the SIBS and the SWBS, with assurances of complete confidentiality.
As a result, scholars of both the history of that crisis, and the role of the media in it, are beginning to use the SWBs to supplement and augment their analyses.
The SWBS is an efficient measure to estimate an individual's sense of spiritual well-being (SWB).