SWBTSSouthwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Ft Worth, TX)
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Barnes believed that Scarborough saw that backing the endorsement of the McDaniel and Tull resolutions as an opportunity to recapture support for the seminary that had been lost as a result of Norris's unceasing attacks on the SBC, the BGCT, the TBA, and SWBTS.
The SWBTS faculty had stood virtually unanimous in their opposition to creedal enforcement of the McDaniel and Tull resolutions, and they did so in conjunction with the faculty of SBTS.
Writing about the Oklahoma Baptist Convention's withholding financial support from SWBTS, he told Cullam:
Still, Barnes believed that SWBTS and Scarborough would have been better served by a more consistent stance and that the seminary president had brought much of the situation on himself and the institution by his initial response to the McDaniel statement at the 1926 convention.
Something of Barnes's character and the reasoning behind his lengthy tenure at SWBTS when other offers beckoned may be revealed in comments found in his letter to W.
Baker, the prolific chronicler of Baptist history and church history and faculty member at SWBTS for thirty-nine years.
Barnes's correspondence in this collection hereafter cited as Barnes at SWBTS.