SWCBSoil and Water Conservation Bureau (various locations)
SWCBSouthwestern Corn Borer
SWCBSoil and Water Conservation Board (various locations)
SWCBSoftware Control Board
SWCBShanghai Water Conservation Bureau
SWCBSequoia Winds Community Band (Visalia, CA)
SWCBSecond Winds Community Band (McMinville, OR)
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Each RCA is coordinated by an officer from the SWCB, usually the Divisional, District, or Provincial Soil Conservation Officer.
Abbreviations: AIC, Aikake Information Criteria; cM, centimorgan; ECB, European corn borer: GDD, growing degree-day; LOD, log of the odds ratio; QTL, quantitative trait loci: RFLP, restriction fragment length polymorphism; RIL, recombinant inbred line; SCB, sugarcane borer; SSR, simple sequence repeat; SWCB, Southwestern corn borer.
Some QTL for ECB tunneling were also detected in studies of resistance to leaf feeding by SWCB and SCB, which suggests that there may be common mechanisms of resistance to these different species and feeding stages.
In tropical maize, DIMBOA has not been associated with resistance to leafblade feeding by SWCB (Hedin et al.
The regional distributions of SWCB and SCB overlap in Central America and the southern USA.
Shares of Southwest Community Bancorp's common stock are traded on NASDAQ under the symbol SWCB.
Over time, the listing should serve to increase awareness for SWCB in the investment community, increase liquidity, strengthen our investor base, expand the opportunity for research coverage and specifically enhance our exposure among institutional investors for which a NASDAQ listing is a preference or a regulatory requirement.
Shares of the Company's common stock are traded on the OTC Bulletin Board under the symbol SWCB.