SWCPSouth West Coast Path (Association; Devon, England)
SWCPSoil and Water Conservation Program
SWCPStar Wars Clube Portugal (Portuguese: Star Wars Club Portugal)
SWCPSouthwest Cyberport, Inc (New Mexico)
SWCPSouthWest Colorado Paranormal
SWCPSpecial Warfare Command Practice
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The third objective was to determine if there was a significant difference among the three main types of communication channels used by Plan Sierra to transfer information about SWCP to the farmers (96/161 respondents).
The next step was to evaluate whether there was a significant difference between type of farmer and farm that reported adopting SWCP based on one of the three communication channels.
No significant difference was recorded among the three channels regarding the number of years the farmers had used SWCP (Table 3).
The fourth objective was to determine if there is a significant difference among the communication channels regarding the type of SWCP adopted, why the farmer adopted SWCP, if the farmer saw any benefit to SWCP, and who the farmer would consult regarding SWCP problems.
When asked if they adopted SWCP because of incentives such as free fertilizer and/or farming tools, only two farmers in the BOTH grouping said yes (Table 4).
There was a significant - weak to moderate - difference among the groups when measuring Plan Sierra's role in getting farmers to adopt SWCP (Table 4).
Almost all of the farmers (97% extension, 94% training, and 100% BOTH) felt that crop yields were increased as a result of using SWCP.
The on-site extension (31%) and BOTH (32%) groups felt SWCP increased soil fertility more so than the training group.
Farmers who had adopted SWCP were asked to whom they turned when they had SWCP questions (Table 4).
The second objective of this study was to determine if Plan Sierra has made a significant difference in the adoption and maintenance of SWCP among the hillside farmers.
NPS farmers reported getting their information about SWCP primarily from friends and family.
Of the farmers who adopted SWCP because of Plan Sierra, 44% reported using SWCP between 11 to 14 years.