SWCPHPSouthwest Center for Public Health Preparedness (Oklahoma City, OK)
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The SWCPHP team employed an access and egress personnel check, with two males accompanying each female in the areas where assigned health care assessments occurred.
The numerous lessons learned during the SWCPHP response effort came from direct observations secondary to the purpose for which the team was on site.
The experiences of the SWCPHP team suggested the following lessons:
The SWCPHP team's experiences highlight and demonstrate the need to rapidly implement the recommendations of the Federal Response to Hurricane Katrina: Lessons Learned report.
The observations of the SWCPHP team indicate that standardized training should provide a good understanding of ICS, basic hygiene, and transmission of disease, as well as of food and water safety principles.
The SWCPHP team's experience also indicates a pressing need for more integrated coordination between these two communities.