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SWDSupersonic Wave Drive
SWDSocial Welfare Department (Hong Kong)
SWDSherwood (hockey equipment manufacturer)
SWDSouthwestern Division
SWDSoftware Design
SWDSalt Water Disposal (production water disposal facility)
SWDSoftware Distribution
SWDSerial Wire Debug
SWDShift Work Disorder (circadian rhythm disorder)
SWDSolid Waste Disposal
SWDShort Wave Diathermy
SWDSoftwood (British building industry)
SWDSouthwest Dekalb High School (Decatur, GA)
SWDSeward Alaska (airport)
SWDSoftware Documentation
SWDSpecial Warranty Deed
SWDSwervedriver (band)
SWDSide Water Depth (wastewater treatment plant clarifiers)
SwDSwell Direction
SWDSeismic While Drilling
SWDSwimmer with a Disability (Australia)
SWDStudent with Disability
SWDSemantic Web Document
SWDSwedish Water Development
SWDSpike Wave Discharge
SWDSolid Waste Data
SWDSurface Water Detention
SWDSpecial Weapons Depot
SWDStanding Wave Distribution
SWDSliding Window Decoder
SWDSpecial Waterfront District
SWDSurf With Dewey
SWDSupport Weight Distribution
SWDSingle Wavelength Detection
SWDSouthwest Detroit (Michigan)
SWDSukiyaki Western Django (film)
SWDSurface Water Drainage
SWDStatutory Warranty Deed
SWDSolid Waste Department (various locations)
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Disclaimer: This release/announcement/document is neither an advertisement, an offer to sell, nor a solicitation of an offer to buy securities, Units or participations of 5 Star SWD, LLC or any of its managed funds (5 Star).
The BCTQ-SSS scores were higher in the continuous SWD group than the other groups at the end of the treatment (p<0.
In more recent studies, the team showed that SWD prefers certain types of wine and vinegar over others, with Merlot wine and rice vinegar attracting more male and female flies than Chardonnay wines and apple cider vinegar, for example.
This experiment tested the hypothesis that wine types vary in their attractiveness to SWD, when added to Safeway apple cider vinegar as a trap bait.
Post-treatment procedure: At the end of the total treatment period and 7 days post SWD and NSAIDs treatment(wash out period), VAS was presented to the three patients to indicate their post treatment pain level.
In follow-up questioning, most SWDs (67%) thought the visuals were helpful and provided support on reading questions and passages.
Sources said the minister was briefed about the " lackadaisical state of affairs", much to the annoyance of many senior SWD officials.
In an effort to help alleviate our customers' SWD capacity constraints, we continue to be on the lookout for acquisition opportunities.
5 Star Fashing SWD is located in Atascosa County, Texas and has been permitted through the Texas Railroad Commission for 15,000 BWPD.
The results of the step-rate test that was completed earlier this year at the Ritchie County SWD were excellent, and management expects commercial disposal capacity at this Class II SWD to be in the range of 3,000 barrels of salt water and other non-hazardous oil and gas waste per day.
8220;We are extremely excited to have secured such a premier location in the Eagle Ford Shale for our second SWD Facility.