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SWDSupersonic Wave Drive
SWDSocial Welfare Department (Hong Kong)
SWDSherwood (hockey equipment manufacturer)
SWDSouthwestern Division
SWDSoftware Design
SWDSalt Water Disposal (production water disposal facility)
SWDSoftware Distribution
SWDSerial Wire Debug
SWDShift Work Disorder (circadian rhythm disorder)
SWDSolid Waste Disposal
SWDShort Wave Diathermy
SWDSoftwood (British building industry)
SWDSouthwest Dekalb High School (Decatur, GA)
SWDSeward Alaska (airport)
SWDSoftware Documentation
SWDSpecial Warranty Deed
SWDSwervedriver (band)
SWDSide Water Depth (wastewater treatment plant clarifiers)
SwDSwell Direction
SWDSeismic While Drilling
SWDSwimmer with a Disability (Australia)
SWDStudent with Disability
SWDSemantic Web Document
SWDSwedish Water Development
SWDSpike Wave Discharge
SWDSolid Waste Data
SWDSurface Water Detention
SWDSpecial Weapons Depot
SWDStanding Wave Distribution
SWDSliding Window Decoder
SWDSpecial Waterfront District
SWDSurf With Dewey
SWDSupport Weight Distribution
SWDSingle Wavelength Detection
SWDSouthwest Detroit (Michigan)
SWDSukiyaki Western Django (film)
SWDSurface Water Drainage
SWDStatutory Warranty Deed
SWDSolid Waste Department (various locations)
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NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-3 December 2003-Birdstep Technology Inc signs partnership agreement with Russian distributor SWD Software Ltd(C)1994-2003 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
For further information regarding topics discussed in this article please contact 5 Star SWD, LLC via their Investor Relations Department: (512) 201-1060 or visit www.
This article aims to characterize the symptoms and risk factors associated with SWD, with a view to assisting primary care physicians in the diagnosis and recognition of this consistently underrecognized sleep/wake disorder.
Johnson further stated, “We feel very fortunate to have been able to cover so much ground in the SWD marketplace in just the short amount of time that 5 Star has been up and running.
Forward-looking statements in the press release include, without limitation forecasts of growth, revenues and SWD well and rolling stock expansion.
5 Star's inaugural investment fund, 5 Star Strategic Fund I, LP, holds ownership interest in the 5 Star Whitsett SWD location.
8220;We are very pleased to already be in the construction phase of our first Eagleford shale SWD facility.
The ARM SWD technology, introduced in 2004, is widely deployed in silicon and supported by a large number of tools vendors.
Based on the projected number of participants, APC and SWD fully anticipate hitting more than $1.
Initial water production rates from the CBM wells in this development area were higher than anticipated, forcing the original 3 SWD wells to operate at capacity and limiting the number of production wells that could be de-watered simultaneously.
With its unique interchangeable system, the SWD series is now compatible not only with the Hasselblad "V" mount, but also Hasselblad "H" and Mamiya 645 mounts.
Approval by the Kansas Corporation Commission to activate the 2 new SWD wells is expected during September, and this will allow all 43 production wells as well as other new wells to be included in the de-watering process.