SWDASolid Waste Disposal Act
SWDAStichting Welzijn Doven Amsterdam (Dutch: Deaf Welfare Foundation Amsterdam; Amsterdam, Netherlands)
SWDASouvenir Wholesale Distributors Association
SWDASafe Water Drinking Act of 1996 (US EPA)
SWDASolid Waste Disposal Authority (various locations)
SWDASouth West Development Agency (UK)
SWDAStar Wars Design Alliance
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The council is looking for providers who have created innovative programmes for the swda. It is hoped that the chosen providers will have a programme which is flexible, Creative and responsive to the local authoritys needs.
These guidelines will help ensure the quality of social protection services the SWDAs provide and will help us take the appropriate action against any erring SWDA," she explained.
We also discuss and critique the preemption argument based on the SWDA that ultimately--and incorrecdy--persuaded the district judge to dismiss the civil rights claims.
Congress enacted the SWDA in response to nationwide studies of tap water
Ellos utilizaron la base de datos de la Swedish Working Dog Association (SWDA).
See http://www.epa.gov/safewater/sdwa/ for a history of the SWDA and its amendments.
In Singapore, people are strongly urged to be life-long learners to enhance their employability (SWDA, 2003a) by having up-to-date skills that are applicable directly to their work context.
state fines for violations of RCRA, SWDA, and the TSCA's lead-based
Dague re-examined the need for an enhancement of the risk multiplier under a fee shifting statute by reviewing [section] 7002(e) of the Solid Waste Disposal Act (SWDA), 90 Stat.
Wilson and Fisher (1995) utilized 19 channels of EEG with a stepwise discriminant analysis (SWDA) classifier to discriminate between two levels of task difficulty in seven different laboratory tasks.