SWDSShepherd's Way Day School (North Carolina)
SWDSSlow Wave Deep Sleep
SWDSSecure Wireless Distribution System
SWDSSocial Work Direct Services (Howard University; Washington, DC)
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To use motion In duck hunting effectively, the hunter must think of motion in two categories, 1) strobe effect of SWDs and 2) simple motion.
Unfortunately, research has yielded only weak evidence that inclusion confers benefits on SWDs. Studies that report better academic and behavioral outcomes for SWDs who are taught in a general-education setting suffer from methodological flaws.
In general, the patient showed uniform metabolism in bilateral frontal lobe (PET-CT), occasional sharp slow waves in the frontal zone (24 h EEG), and no typical SWDs or multiple spike waves during episodic hand tremor (documented with video-EEG monitoring).
Water Midstream Partners has completed the southern extension to its Midland County (TX) commercial pipeline system, connecting new oil and gas wells inside and adjacent to the city of Midland to its Sattwater Disposal Well (SWD) on SH158.
EEG recording during absence seizures shows bihemispheric, synchronous, generalized spike-and-wave discharges (SWDs) at approximately 3 cycles per second, which start and end abruptly on an otherwise normal background EEG (JONES et al., 2011).
The first section provides details about the GPS processing, the second section presents the calculation of SWDs, the third section compares SWDs achieved by various GPS strategies with WVR, and the final section gives the conclusion.
It is well-known that the WAG/Rij rat is a well-established animal model for human absence epilepsy characterized by the presence of spike-wave discharges (SWDs), but it should be kept in mind that this is still a "model" and may not reflect the real situation in humans.
Formerly excluded from measures of educational performance, students with disabilities (SWDs) are now explicitly recognized in federal and state accountability systems.
The number of students with disabilities (SWDs) attending colleges and universities has remained steady at 11.3% in comparison to all undergraduate students, with slight growth in a subsequent four-year period.
We explored whether the spousal caregiver could be trained and empowered to implement an intervention based on an initial music therapy session conducted within their home environment by a Registered Music Therapist, and to gain the spousal caregivers' perspectives of its effects on the spousal caregivers' and SWDs' health and wellbeing.
During the last three years, 102 Security Working Dogs (SWDs) were provided to the Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) including Punjab Police, Pakistan Rangers and Custom Department.
My buddy Matthew Finley likes to refer to that explosion in hunters as the "Class of 2000." Attribute that growth to spinning-wing decoys (SWDs) and the largest fall flight in many years.