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Good boatmen," was Sheldon's verdict, as he saw the boat leap forward on the face of a huge breaker, the sweeps plying swiftly to keep her on that front of the moving mountain of water that raced madly for the shore.
The green warrior was much put to it to hold his own, and I felt that the unequal struggle could last but a moment longer when the huge fellow discovered my plight, and tearing himself from those that surrounded him, he raked the assailant from my back with a single sweep of his blade, and thus relieved I had little difficulty with the others.
Tit moved on with sweep after sweep of his scythe, not stopping or showing signs of weariness.
When he felt he was ready, Wilkinson undertook assessment by the Guild of Master Sweeps, passed his exams and was accepted as a member of the organisation.
Chimney sweeps need to be extremely careful when performing their inspection and sweeping activities, due to the risk of harm that can result from an improper inspection or service of a chimney system.
After the tarps are down, chimney sweeps bring in their equipment: rods, wire brushes, attachments of various lengths and sizes, a high-powered vacuum, and special lighting.
For hundreds of years, sweeps have been seen as lucky figures.
1 : a curving movement, course, or line <I brushed it away with a sweep of my hand.
Chimney sweeps are also giving out information on the free home fire safety checks offered by the North Wales Fire Service.