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SWEETSSensor Web for Ecological Explorations in Terrestrial Systems
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Then, backing his voice with sweet music on his harp, he sang:
Not a sound broke the stillness when Allan a Dale had done, but all sat gazing at the handsome singer, for so sweet was his voice and the music that each man sat with bated breath, lest one drop more should come and he should lose it.
Wilt thou not stay with us here in the sweet green forest?
Now shut your eyes and go to sleep,--and fair dreams and sweet repose," I replied.
So do, and then prepare the sweet marriage that is honourable in the eyes of men and deathless gods.
143-144) When she had so spoken, the goddess put sweet desire in his heart.
So while he enjoyed the sweet flower of life he lived rapturously with golden-throned Eos, the early- born, by the streams of Ocean, at the ends of the earth; but when the first grey hairs began to ripple from his comely head and noble chin, queenly Eos kept away from his bed, though she cherished him in her house and nourished him with food and ambrosia and gave him rich clothing.
Still she sang gayly on, and the falling drops kept time so musically, that the King in his cold ice-halls wondered at the low, sweet sounds that came stealing up to him.
Thus Violet dwelt, and each day the golden light grew stronger; and from among the crevices of the rocky walls came troops of little velvet-coated moles, praying that they might listen to the sweet music, and lie in the warm light.
In the end, Collins discovered five of the six songs he knew: "God Save the King," "Sweet Bye and Bye," "Lead, Kindly Light," "Home, Sweet Home," and "Roll Me Down to Rio.
Sweet Bianca, He is not worthy of your thought or mine.
And therefore play: Ravish my ears with some sweet melody; My soul is in a prison-house, and needs Music to cure its madness.