SWEFSpace Weather Enterprise Forum (US NOAA)
SWEFSystem Wide Effects of the Fund (collaborative research network)
SWEFSurface Warfare Engineering Facility
SWEFSwiss Elite Force
SWEFSwedish Work Environment Fund (Sweden)
SWEFSurface Weapons Engineering Facility
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It is our job here at the command, through the operations at the SWEF, to test, evaluate and enhance the capability of the systems for the sailors that need to use them.
Plans to increase the use of rooftop radar at the five-story SWEF complex off the Ventura coast worry residents and environmentalists who want assurances there are no health hazards from the equipment.
But Lee Quaintance, a local resident and a member of the Beacon Foundation, which opposed the Navy's plan, said he was surprised and disappointed at the decision to proceed with the SWEF expansion despite the recommendation of the Coastal Commission.