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The Daily Record's psychic barber, Gordon Smith, said yesterday: "Swein MacDonald helped to guide and direct so many people who found themselves at a crossroads in their lives.
Fellow seer Annette Martin said: "Swein MacDonald was the possessor of a unique gift of second sight."
pres.), OE besen > ME theyn > thain 'thane', OE wez > ME wei > way, OE wezan > ME weye/weigh; ON heill > ME heile > hail, ON reisa > ME reise > raise, ON sveinn > ME swein > swain, ON [thorn]eir > ME [thorn]ey > they; OF estrein- > ME straine > strain, OF feire > ME faire > fair, OF feit > ME fei[thorn] > faith, OF preie > ME preie > pray, OF preisie > ME preyse > praise, etc.
They were joined by an imposing but unwelcome visitor: the new king, Swein Forkbeard the Dane, had arrived fresh from conquering England to pillage both the wealthy shrine of St Edmund and the property of his new East Anglian subjects.
The fact is interesting because half of Harold's grandparents were Scandinavian and a good many "Englishe" that day bore hybrid Danish names like Maccus or Swein as well as local ones like Edward and Edwin.
Highland seer Swein MacDonald made his prediction ahead of the showbiz wedding of the year.
Scotland's most famous `seer', Swein MacDonald, is also forecasting a near- fatal illness for a member of the Royal Family during the course of the year.
Highland seer Swein MacDonald denied yesterday that he had put a death curse on his love rival.
After the battle of Maldon in 991 they had a well-established stronghold for two decades, which is described in Ian Howard's Swein Forkbeard's Invasions and the Danish Conquest of England, 991-1017 (Boydell & Brewer, 45 [pounds sterling]).
Scotland's most famous mystic, Swein MacDonald, has discovered a bomb near his home.
The next year, he and Swein Forkbeard, the Danish king, attacked London together unsuccessfully.
Swein MacDonald's prophesies - a meteor misses the Earth, an attack on the royals and a Los Angeles earthquake - could go either way.