SWEISSite-Wide Environmental Impact Statement
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"It's as if they knew they didn't want to get in line until they were sure," says Sweis. Even more surprising, neither mice, rats, nor humans took into account the sunk costs spent while deliberating.
"This is an exciting time for everyone at Ishraqah for Development as we approach the official launch date for The Onyx," said CEO Ammar Sweis. "We are anticipating significant interest in the development due to its prime location and its impeccable high standards of build and services.
Sweis, New Refugee Camp in Jordan Tries to Create a Community for Syrians, N.Y.
The shipA's secretary general said the aim of Tara was to study the presence of plastic materials in the Mediterranean which was suffering due to its nearing large cities and the movement of ships across the Sweis Channel and the Strait of Gibraltar.
1) In the first type of research, for instance, a survey conducted by Sweis et al.
"The main resource we tapped to put the project back on track (by mid 2013) was shareholder funds," said Ishraqah's CEO, Ammar Sweis. "The shareholders put in 30 per cent plus of the project value.
These studies include those of Odeh and Battaineh [30] in Jordan, Aibinu and Jagboro [3] in Nigeria, Frimpon in Ghana, Assaf et al., [8] in Saudi Arabia, Sweis et al., [37] in Jordan, Al Hadi Tumi et al., [4] in Libya, and Shaikh, Muree, and Soomro [34] in Pakistan.
The level of under-reporting identified in this current study is in keeping with 39-90% levels reported in the drug literature (Alvarez-Requejo et al 1998, Belton et al 1995, Pirmohamed et al 1998, Sweis and Wong 2000) even though drug-drug and multi-drug interactions tend to result in higher reporting levels (Leone et al 2010).
[73.] Tekwani KL, Watts HF, Sweis RT, Rzechula KH, Kulstad EB.
Prevail Health Solutions was formed while the founders (Richard Gengler, MBA, and Roger Sweis, MBA) were attending the University of Chicago Booth School of Business (Chicago, Illinois).
Sweis, Arab Spring Fails to Allay Women's Anxieties, INT'L HERALD TRIB., Mar.