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Stewart, W.H., Jr., Carland, J.C., Carland, J.W., Watson, W.E., & Sweo, R.
These efforts by companies to obtain a competitive leadership position through asset parsimony has successfully challenged the "bigger-is-better" corporate paradigm (Tucci and Sweo, 1996).
For example, the term "emerging entrepreneurs" is used by Bruyat and Julien (2001), "developing entrepreneurs" are alluded to by Reynolds and Miller (1992), Thomas and Mueller (2000), and Vivarelli (2004) refer to "potential entrepreneurs." Such terminology would seem to shift away somewhat from the idea of intentional, planned behavior toward the notion of a personal predisposition, of, to use Stewart, Carland, Carland, Watson, and Sweo's (2003) phrase, an "entrepreneurial proclivity" that may, but not necessarily will, in future produce deliberative intentions to start a firm.
This effort is further complicated by a lack of systematic information sources and a dearth of social and political infrastructures necessary to support environmental scanning in emerging economies (Bruton & Ahlstrom, 2003; Bruton & Rubanik, 2002; Elenkov, 1997; May, Stewart, & Sweo, 2000; Peng, 2000).