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SWERNSouth West England Regional Network
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Keywords: Biginelli compound, Microwave, Swern oxidation, Bi(NO3)2, One-pot reaction.
A Swern type oxidation-cyclocondensation method has been described in different research reports during traditional method of heating (Ireland and Norbeck, 1985).
This reaction afforded, after subsequent Swern oxidation, four isomeric ketones: exo-2b, endo-2b, exo-3b, and endo-3b.
Anne Swern Office of the District Attorney for Kings County
Claisen condensation, Diels-Alder, Grignard, Hoffman rearrangement, Robinson-Schopf, Schotten-Bauman, Swern's oxidation, Ullman Ether synthesis, Williamson synthesis ...
Adapted from The Virgin Book Of Film Records: The Complete Compendium of Movie Facts, Figures and Feats by Phil Swern and Toby Rowan is published by Virgin Publishing on October 21, priced pounds 12.99.
(6.) Daniel Swern (ed.), Organic Peroxides, Wiley Interscience, New York, 1969.
Swern (ed.) Baileys industrial oil and fat products.
For food/ frying purposes the vegetable oils should not exceed in acid value higher than 0.05 mg KOH/ g oil and peroxide value of 1.0 mEq/ Kg oil as reported by Swern (1979) and Hui (1996).
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