SWESSocial Work Examination Services (est. 1983; Brookline, MA)
SWESStandard Work Element Sheet
SWESSoil, Water, and Environmental Science Department (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; University of Arizona; Tucson, AZ)
SWESSheep and Wildlife Enhancement Scheme (est. 2003; UK)
SWESSouth Woods Elementary School (Florida)
SWESSoftware Engineering Support
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Cooker used linearized SWEs to model a horizontal rectangular wave tank.
SWES is a leading provider of electrical distribution systems testing which has been in business since 2008 and is owned by Howard Herndon who has over 30 years of experience in the electrical industry.
Yn fy mhrofiad i - plant sy'n swnllyd ac yn haeddu'r disgrifiad hwnnw am nad ydyn nhw wedi dod i ddeall lefelau swe n na'r ffaith fod tawelwch yn gallu bod yn therapiwtig ar l diwrnod caled o waith.
Trying to devise a simple, yet uncompromising way to understand the concepts of team-building, reducing waste and improving manufacturing quality, the automaker created its Simulated Work Environment (SWE), which debuted in August 2000 as a part of the training program for workers at GM's Lansing Grand River plant.
John's Wort extract (SWE) compared to synthetic antidepressants.
North East SWES project officer, Claire Berresford, said: "In the North Pennines a joint agreement with graziers to reduce the number of sheep grazing in the winter and pay for shepherding is helping vast expanses of purple heather moorland to flourish and blanket bog plants such as cotton grass to thrive.
Soil moisture HA SWE MPa L [ha.sup.-1] g [ha.sup.-1] 0 0 -0.03 0 326 5 0 5 326 0 0 -0.5 0 326 5 0 5 326 Sources of variation: Soil moisture (SM) HA SWE SM x HA SM x SWE HA x SWE SM x HA x SWE Leaf water status Creeping Soil moisture Tall fescue bentgrass MPa 2.08a([dagger]) 2.73a -0.03 1.78bc 2.53ab 1.86b 2.43b 1.61c 2.27c 2.60a 3.30a -0.5 2.20c 3.13b 2.33b 2.84b 2.20c 2.43c Sources of variation: Soil moisture (SM) (*)([double dagger]) (*) HA (*) (*) SWE (**) (*) SM x HA NS NS SM x SWE NS NS HA x SWE NS (*) SM x HA x SWE NS NS (*), (**) Significant at 0.05 and 0.01 probability levels, respectively;
QATAR MASTERS.- (Doha GC): Leading 1st rnd scores (GB & Ire unless stated): 66 M Farry (Fra), R Russell; 67 M James, B May (US); 68 P Nyman (Swes), J Bickerton, I Woosnam, R McFarlane, P Lawrier.
The company is also closely involved in the BAE Versatile Exercise Mine System (VEMS) and the Strachan & Henshaw Submarine Weapon Ejection System (SWES).
The shallow water equations (SWEs) have been used to model free surface flows in rivers and coastal areas under the assumption of the hydrostatic pressure [1].
SWES based in Las Vegas, NV offers electrical services such as arc flash safety hazard analysis, power and substation services, transformer services, grounding, circuit breaker services, NRTL conformity services, distribution equipment modifications reconditioning and repairs and electrical power monitoring.