SWFSCSouthwest Fisheries Science Center (US NOAA)
SWFSCSouthern Wisconsin Figure Skating Club (McFarland, WI)
SWFSCSouth Wales Sea Fisheries Committee
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Strip-transect surveys targeting short-finned pilot whales around Catalina Island were conducted by the California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG), and later by the SWFSC between 1980 and 1985 (Oliver and Jackson 1987).
Prior to the actual survey, SWFSC economists and the contractor met with many angling groups to discuss the upcoming survey, worked with angling associations to publicize it, and conducted a pilot study to get feedback on the questionnaire.
The observation methods used during the HICEAS in 2010 were developed by the SWFSC and have been in use for the last 3 decades (e.g., Barlow, 2006).
(1) The SWFSC is a laboratory of the US National Marine Fisheries Service that has conducted research on cetacean populations of the ETP since the mid-1970's (Kinzey et al.
With the observers' primary objective to document fishery interactions with marine mammals, SWFSC biologists initially designed data collection protocols to validate reproductive rates and determine stock structure of the associated marine mammal species.
capensis in California waters and along the west coast of Baja California, based on examination of historic (SWFSC) sightings (Figure 1A).
We analyzed data from visual sightings of marine mammals from 105 separate survey cruises conducted by both CalCOFI and SWFSC from 1979 to 2009 (Fig.
Although our analyses of relative density by seasonal period and depth are robust for the most commonly encountered species, absolute densities and uncorrected abundances reported here may differ from values reported by the NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center (SWFSC) for its previous studies in Southern California; those differences primarily are due to 5 factors.
Summary includes only those 197 specimens for which a tissue sample resides in the SWFSC Genetics Archive.
This work would not have been possible without the statistical advice of Steve Ralston (SWFSC, Santa Cruz Laboratory).
for pinniped meeting held in conjunction with the IWC Symposium and Workshop on Mortality of Cetaceans in Passive Fishing Nets and Traps, SWFSC, La Jolla, CA, 20-25 October 1990.
Tony Gharrett, University of Alaska; Geoff Moser, SWFSC; and Jay Orr, AFSC, lent much needed encouragement for this project and reviewed an earlier draft of the manuscript.