SWGASouthwest Georgia
SWGASouth West Gamer Arena
SWGASouth Wales Geologists' Association (UK)
SWGASuccinylated Wheat Germ Agglutinin
SWGASouthwest Golf Association (est. 1915; Scottsdale, AZ)
SWGASocial Welfare Graduate Assembly (University of California, Berkeley)
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SWGA Health Beat, SWGA Entertainment Beat, SWGA Praise needs to service and touch everyone from all walks of like each month."
By 2016, SWGA Health, SWGA Entertainment Beat and SWGA Praise will all have matching micro-sites, allowing for more exposure and revenue opportunities.--AY
Treatment facility was the primary center where cancer care was received in SWGA; facilities A-D are the four American College of Surgeons' CoC-approved hospitals in SWGA, while "Other" indicates the patient received her cancer care primarily at some other non-CoC facility in SWGA.
Among the 1,289 SWGA women diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001-2003, most (85.0 percent) were treated within the study region.
It is possible that the influence of race on therapy receipt may be different in regions such as SWGA that are characterized by overall low levels of income, considerable distance from major metropolitan areas, and large proportions of rural residents that include both blacks and whites.
Fourth, our results reflect the patterns of care for breast cancer cases diagnosed in SWGA during 2001-2003, thus, raising questions about generalizability over time.
An important strength of the study is the use of medical record abstraction from a virtually complete census of patients diagnosed and treated for early-stage breast cancer in SWGA over a 3-year period.
Quanto a histoquimica das lectinas, evidenciou-se o citoplasma vacuolizado dos neuronios do cerebro e ganglio trigeminal com marcacao difusa moderada (caso 1) e das celulas de Purkinje e neuronio de Golgi difusa acentuada (caso 2) para Con-A (Figura 1C), WGA e sWGA.