SWGITScientific Working Group on Imaging Technology
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The following SWGIT and SWGIT/SWGDE (Scientific Working Group on Digital Evidence) documents may be accessed at http://www.fbi.gov/cgi-bin/outside.cgi?http://www.theiai.org/guidelines/.
Individuals with access to Law Enforcement On-line (LEO) can also find this document via links at the SWGIT special interest group location.
Note: Guidance relating to forensic image processing (FIP) and case-specific documentation requirements for FIP can be found in the following SWGIT documents: Recommendations and Guidelines for the Use of Digital Image Processing in the Criminal Justice System and Best Practices for Documenting Image Enhancement, available at
SWGIT is pleased to present Digital Imaging Procedure, Version 1.0.
PROCEDURES: Agencies should establish specific step-by-step procedures for video processing in accordance with SWGIT guidelines and agency requirements.
Agencies should establish specific step-by-step procedures for image processing according to agency requirements using SWGIT guidelines.
This document provides managers with considerations generated by SWGIT members.
These recommendations are made based on the practical experience of the SWGIT membership in the acquisition and analysis of the images discussed herein.
A goal of the SWGIT is to engage the entire law enforcement imaging community in the development of these guidelines.
While the draft guidelines document addresses law enforcement imaging applications in very general terms, the SWGIT is also preparing additional documents that focus more specifically on different law enforcement applications.
This communication is intended not only to inform you of the existence of SWGIT and the guidelines but also to request your assistance in the development of the guidelines.