SWGPState Wildlife Grant Program
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Based on the GP algorithm, the stagewise weak selection (SWGP) [24] algorithm was proposed to improve the reconstruction performance and convergence speed of the GP algorithm, via introduction of the conjugate direction and weak selection strategy.
(2002) BC-particles 2530 (a) 840-1280 (a) Jacobson (2007) 4470 (b) 1500-2240 (b) 2200 680 Bond and Sun (2005) 2000 (c) 500 Hansen et al (2007) 480 (f) Reddy and Boucher (2007) (374-677) OC-particles [-200] [-50] See text (a) Fossil fuel soot, (b) BC in fossil fuel soot, (c) These GWPs are an average for the current distribution of BC sources, (d) Calculated as SWGPs and converted to GWPs, (e) As given by IPCC (2007), (f) Global average (range from different regions).