SWGSSouth Wilts Grammar School (Salisbury, Wiltshire, England, UK)
SWGSSurface Wire Grounding System
SWGSStudies of Women, Gender and Sexuality (Harvard University; Boston, MA)
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The SWGs are therefore advised to only consider new projects approved by the National Treasury [with] hellip priority to "Big Four" interventions and completion of ongoing projects," Treasury Secretary Henry Rotich says in the circular intended to ensure greater spending control.
Jane said:"We are absolutely delighted to be accepting this award on behalf of SWGS.
In [4], the discontinuous Galerkin (DG) VIE using the Schaubert-Wilton-Glisson (SWG) basis function is proposed and a hybrid discretization scheme that uses a mix of nonconformal and conformal meshes is adopted.
Gartner expects the SWG market will maintain its growth of 5 to 10
To set up the SWGS, lay the grounding cable on the ground around the van with one end near the power entrance panel.
* Establishing mechanisms that ensure laboratory management's strong commitment and support for personnel participating in and contributing to the SWGs.
SWGs serve as a common voice for their scientific disciplines.
In addition, Training personnel facilitate scientific working group (SWG) meetings by locating prospective meeting sites and coordinating travel arrangements for attendees through FBI field offices.
(21) have found by screening peptide libraries that the SWG site forms part of the epitope of MAbs specific for free PSA.
In addition, Training personnel facilitate scientific working group (SWG) meetings by scouting locations for the meetings and coordinating travel arrangements through FBI field offices for attendees.