SWHSStar Wars Holiday Special
SWHSSouthwestern High School (Somerset, Kentucky)
SWHSSouth Windsor High School (Connecticut)
SWHSSpring Woods High School (Houston, Texas)
SWHSSouth Wirral High School (UK)
SWHSSouth Wigston High School (UK)
SWHSSweetwater High School (National City, CA)
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Thus, women's engagement with renewable technologies is often ignored and leads to a bias against training and supporting women to use SWHs. In developing countries, Nieuwenhout, et al (2001) point out, men are trained to use these geysers as men are more likely to enter loan agreements to pay for the provision of these products.
Learning from the active-cycle water-based SWHs, a refrigerant pump can be introduced to a wickless LT-SWH system.
As a part of this revolution, they are encouraging the use of solar water heating systems (SWH) for domestic as well as industrial purposes by giving subsidies and free installation.
For the SWHS, the response rates for follow-up (i.e., the number of responders/number of surviving cohort members) for the first (2000-2002), second (2002-2004), third (2004-2007), and fourth (2008-2011) in-person follow-up surveys were 99.8%, 98.7%, 96.7%, and 92.0%, respectively.
Additionally, as the current hot water draw pattern is front-loaded with large volume draws at 3.0 gpm followed by an extended standby period, as visualized in Figure 2, this pattern favors TWHs configurations over SWHs. The EF as calculated by the certified test procedure refers to specific test conditions and calculation procedures, and is indicated by an EF.
and 149 men) who were diagnosed between two years after study enrollment and an average of 10.9 (SWHS) or 5.5 (SMHS) years of follow-up.
Subsidies are offered to customers who install a 100- litre capacity of SWHS to replace electric geysers.
The analysis included 267 liver cancer patients (118 women and 149 men) who were diagnosed between two years after study enrolment and an average of 10.9 (SWHS) or 5.5 (SMHS) years of follow-up.
The ratings reflect the Anu Solar group's established market position in the solar water heating system (SWHS) segment, supported by buoyant demand for its products and fiscal-and credit-linked incentives available for renewable energy projects under the National Solar Mission (NSM) of the Government of India.
Also, because the ambient temperatures are very similar during the measurements of all the SWHs in our database (we performed all the measurements in the similar months and locations), we also removed it from the variable list.
Details concerning the study population enrolled in the Shanghai Women's Health Study (SWHS) have been described previously (Zheng et al.
The performance of solar water heaters (SWHs) is not presented in the paper.