SWIFTMUDSouth-West Florida Water Management District
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[sections] 373.1962(3) to clarify that the authority could, either by itself or jointly with Swiftmud, develop and operate alternative sources of potable water (e.g., a desalination plant), or the authority and district could pledge and contribute their funds to reduce the wholesale cost of alternative source water developed by a private entity.[40] In addition, the legislation revised F.S.
While Swiftmud's "scientific analysis of saltwater intrusion problems in the SWUCA area was thorough and [its] proposed methodology for calculating the minimum [aquifer] level is reasonable and scientifically sound,"[48] the district's preferential treatment of existing users and proposed reallocation provisions was found to exceed its statutory authority under F.S.
The order's invalidation of Swiftmud's proposed reallocation process and exemption of permit renewals from minimum level restrictions reaffirmed that F.S.
Finally, the SWUCA ruling repudiated Swiftmud's requirement that certain applicants must investigate and implement the use of alternative sources when the district decides it is economically, environmentally, and technically feasible."[53] As stated in the order:
Quattlebaum in the wellfield permitting case[55] dealt with Swiftmud's denial of renewal applications for existing wellfields in the northern Tampa Bay region.
Without question, Swiftmud's governing board must carefully weigh the ramifications of its final order in the wellfield permitting case with its pending appeal of the SWUCA order and eminent adoption of minimum flows and levels in Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas counties.
The wellfield permits had been renewed by Swiftmud during the 1980's.
Swiftmud got its first hint of what was in store when a few months after she was appointed, Rebecca got upset at some of her fellow board members.
Tell me more." The staff and board members at Swiftmud soon came to respect their new board member's thoroughness and open-mindedness.
A couple of years ago, a reporter from a Tampa Bay newspaper decided to examine the water bills of the Swiftmud board members.
That's the way she's remembered at Swiftmud. Insiders say she took the time to meet with county commissioners--some of whom knew virtually nothing about water--and educate them.
But a few seconds after saying she was too old, she began talking about Swiftmud meetings she's going to attend as a member of the public and a class she's taking at New College on the Declaration of Independence.