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SWIMSSwire Institute of Marine Science (University of Hong Kong)
SWIMSSurface Water Integrated Monitoring System (Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources; Madison, WI)
SWIMSSolid Waste Information Management System
SWIMSSocial Work Information Management System (US VA)
SWIMSSolar Wind Ions Mass Spectrometer
SWIMSShallow Water Influence Mine Sweep
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When the ship sank I was terribly frightened--because I cannot swim far.
When people can swim at all they can swim anywhere.
Little seals can no more swim than little children, but they are unhappy till they learn.
We were talking in the train about the bathing down here, and Jane happened to say she could swim some, and it suddenly came to me.
I resolved then to husband our strength, so that both should not be exhausted at the same time; and this is how we managed: while one of us lay on our back, quite still, with arms crossed, and legs stretched out, the other would swim and push the other on in front.
I don't know whether I could swim, or not," remarked Scraps; "but if I tried it I'd surely ruin my lovely patches.
They proved that a seal pup could swim or not swim at birth by stating the proposition very bellicosely and then following it up with an attack on the opposing man's judgment, common sense, nationality, or past history.
I know what I will do--I am sure it will be best--no matter what happens I will stick to the raft as long as her timbers hold together, but when the sea breaks her up I will swim for it; I do not see how I can do any better than this.
In the light of the lantern Wendy saw his hook grip the boat's side; she saw his evil swarthy face as he rose dripping from the water, and, quaking, she would have liked to swim away, but Peter would not budge.
He had never had to learn to swim, any more than he had had to learn to breathe.
But," said I, "you swim well enough to reach to the shore, and the sea is calm; make the best of your way to shore, and I will do you no harm; but if you come near the boat I'll shoot you through the head, for I am resolved to have my liberty;" so he turned himself about, and swam for the shore, and I make no doubt but he reached it with ease, for he was an excellent swimmer.
The colonel of the Polish Uhlans, a handsome old man, flushed and, fumbling in his speech from excitement, asked the aide-de-camp whether he would be permitted to swim the river with his Uhlans instead of seeking a ford.