SWINYScience Writers in New York (National Association of Science Writers)
SWINYSanjeevini Wellness Institute of Naturopathy and Yoga (India)
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"Seeing that Cesnola's life reads like a novel, there is perhaps little wonder that this, his major publication, should adopt the same tone," Swiny wrote.
Swiny added that late 19th Century antiquarian enthusiasm should be set in its social and scholarly context and not judged by the more rigorous moral standards of today.
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An introduction by Rapp and Swiny is followed by seventeen chapters written by the excavators and twelve specialists covering the excavation of the settlement and cemeteries, ceramics (typology and petrology), ground and knapped stone, metal and archaeometallurgy, terracottas, skeletal, faunal and botanical remains, geology and geomorphology, regional and environmental survey, and chronology.
Swiny's chapter on the excavation of the settlement provides a detailed description of rooms, walls, and features, and a listing of stratified finds, teamed with a fine set of area plans, presented as inserts.
The reading of orphan sherds as remnants of systemic inventories is made more problematic by Swiny's argument that Kaminoudhia was destroyed by an earthquake.
Swiny (chapter 2), for example, refers to the 1996 publication of the excavations at Marki and Alambra but not to subsequent work at Marki, described in substantial preliminary reports, which have revealed architectural remains of Philia and EC I/II.