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SWISHSwish (not an acronym; formerly Straight Women in Support of Homos; est. 2003)
SWISHSimple Web Indexing System for Humans
SWISHSemantic Web Inference Scripting in Haskell
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I immediately perceived that it was some school, but so little did I understand the import of David's remark that I called out jocularly, "I hope he won't swish you, Oliver."
He had never been swished. Of course it would hurt, but it was something to boast about afterwards.
(CSE:EPY) today announced the release of Big Shot Swish Mobile Game to Apple App Store.
(CSE: EPY) today announced the release of Big Shot Swish Mobile Game to Apple App Store.
"Results from drilling and completion activity by third party operators active in the SWISH AOI continue to support our view that building a material operated position in this area will be transformational for Brookside, both in terms of reserves and acreage value.
Swish has been primarily used for account-to-account transactions and for eCommerce payments.
You are then given swish tokens, which you can use to take home something you fancy on the rails.
Swish Maintenance said the acquisition will result in a more competitive Swish with stronger capabilities to service customers from coast to coast.
"The studio has been going really well and I am now working on my second Swish store, which will open in late 2018," explained Ms Morgan.
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