SWONSecret Weapons Over Normandy (game)
SWONSouthwest Ohio & Neighboring Libraries (regional library consortium)
SWONSupersonic Winds of Neptune
SWONSocial Work Oncology Network
SWONSurface Warfare Officer, Nuclear (US Navy)
SWONSwitched Overlay Network (computer networking)
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Working with glass artists SWON (Orest Tataryn, Alfred Engerer and Andrey Berezowsky), he evolved a translucent wall of glass: a waterfall that reflects light onto the smooth surface of the water which ends with a negative edge so that the pool seems to be a piece of lake inexplicably lofted up onto the slope.
That's what happened when landscape designer John Thompson and SWON Design, a glass-art firm, collaborated to spice up this Lake Ontario backyard with an intricate, yet elegant, cast-glass wall.
As the sun moves around, you get a different feeling all day long until the sun is in the west and there's more of a reflective type of lighting," says Michael Batchelor, a partner at SWON Design.