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SWORDSystem with Objects for Rapid Development
SWORDSpecial Weapons Observation Reconnaissance Detection (US Army)
SWORDSurveillance of Work-related and Occupational Respiratory Disease
SWORDSubjective Workload Dominance (Technique)
SWORDStock Warrant Off-Balance-Sheet Research and Development
SWORDSentient World Observation and Response Department (Marvel Comics)
SWORDSubmarine Warfare Operations Research Division
SWORDSecret World Organization for Retribution and Destruction (gaming)
SWORDSystem for Worldwide Operational Route Data (air traffic control)
SWORDSenior Work Outreach Day (Northwest High School; Canal Fulton, OH)
SWORDSpecial Warfare Operations Rapid Deployment
SWORDSpecial Warfare Operations & Recon Detachment
SWORDSurveillance & Warning Obstacle Ranging & Display
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References in classic literature ?
As the tongue was removed for the high priest's table, "Ah," said the Idol to himself, "that is the Sword of the Spirit - the only Sword that is less dangerous when unsheathed."
As the white-furred one approached, the six grasped their swords more firmly--the hooked instrument in the left hand, the straight sword in the right, while above the left wrist the small shield was held rigid upon a metal bracelet.
Tranter's great sword was indeed a mighty vantage in his favor.
So when all masses were done, all the lords went to behold the stone and the sword. And when they saw the scripture, some essayed; such as would have been king.
"Put up your sword," said Raoul, "you know perfectly well that, until our journey is at an end, every demonstration of that nature is useless.
And as they rode, Arthur said, I have no sword. No force *, said Merlin, hereby is a[* Footnote from M.T.: No matter.] sword that shall be yours and I may.
The instant the word was given, the two apparitions sprang forward and began to rain blows down upon each other with such lightning rapidity that I could not quite tell whether I saw the swords or only flashes they made in the air; the rattling din of these blows as they struck steel or paddings was something wonderfully stirring, and they were struck with such terrific force that I could not understand why the opposing sword was not beaten down under the assault.
At these words, with the most gallant air possible, D'Artagnan drew his sword.
He paused a moment before the cages, with upraised sword.
Alan drew a dirk, which he held in his left hand in case they should run in under his sword. I, on my part, clambered up into the berth with an armful of pistols and something of a heavy heart, and set open the window where I was to watch.
The second girl handed him the sword, but though he tried with all his strength he could not lift it.
Poulter twenty minutes longer than usual at the Black Swan, the sword was brought,--just for Tom to look at.