SWPASony World Photography Awards (competition)
SWPASouthwestern Pennsylvania
SWPASource Water Protection Area
SWPASouth West Pacific Area
SWPASouthwestern Power Administration
SWPASurplus War Property Administration (Office of War Mobilization)
SWPASubmersible Wastewater Pump Association
SWPASpoken Word Publishing Association (UK)
SWPASouthwest Pacific and Australia Theatre of Operations
SWPASwimming and Water Polo Association
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As he states in his introduction, "This work is focused on the military-to-military relationship that developed in the SWPA between US and Australian military forces." He also explores how the SWPA fit into the overall Allied strategy for defeating Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany.
During the Second World War, Allied signals intelligence (SIGINT) and electronic attack efforts were both carried under the umbrella of radar countermeasures (RCM), with the former being seen as 'passive' and the latter 'active.' Passive RCM had its start in the Southwest Pacific Area (SWPA) in early 1943.
A liminal may have an sWPA's job description but lack authority because she does not have the requisite degree or has a degree from the wrong field or is in an interim position while institutions search for long-term WPAs.
(4.) Exceptions to the substantive area mode of section organization include COMPA, NYPF, SWPA, and Ethics.
Thus, such entities are exempted from the section 6303 requirement that both SEPA and SWPA institute rulemakings to determine whether these agencies should require contractual articles linking a federal power customer's continued eligibility for preference power with developing and implementing IRP.
Fifth Air Force was created from the remnants of Philippine air power and the Far East Air Force in February 1942, while the Thirteenth Air Force was assigned to SWPA under a re-formed Far East Air Forces in June 1944 followed by Seventh Air Force in July 1945.
By examining an operation, we may obtain a clearer picture of the joint planning process in SWPA. The Hollandia campaign (Reckless) merits consideration because it was conducted as the planning process began to mature.
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In response to this, the Southwest Pacific Area (SWPA) was established in Australia under General MacArthur's command on 18 April 1942 (Willoughby et al., 1983).
He has also served on the executive committees of the Liverpool & District SWPA, Lancashire County WPSA and Northern Counties ASA in various capacities, and in 2000 was elected Honorary Secretary of the Northern Counties ASA District, a post he held until 2005.
Willoughby was the G2 for GEN Douglas MacArthur's Southwest Pacific Area (SWPA), a vast underdeveloped region stretching from Australia through New Guinea to the Philippines.
On 9 March 1942, the Allies formally divided the Pacific theater into three large "areas" (or in modern terms, theaters of war): the Southwest Pacific Area (SWPA), the Southeast Pacific Area, and the Pacific Ocean Areas (POA).