SwRSSoftware Requirements Specification
SwRSStar Wars: Rogue Squadron (Star Wars game)
SwRSStar Wars: Revenge of the Sith (movie)
SwRSSlough and Windsor Railway Society (UK)
SwRSSlow-Walker Reconnaissance System
SwRSSaddleworth White Rose Society (UK)
SwRSSmurfit-Stone Waste Reduction Services (St. Louis, MO)
SwRSSubregional Water Reuse System (California)
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At both ambient temperatures of 25 and 35[degrees]C, the amounts of cumulative C[O.sub.2] emission from treatments were in the order of SRS > SWRS > SB300 > SW300 > SB500 > SW500 > SB800 > SW800 (Fig.
The length of [W.sub.1] at 0 mm with apertures (rectangular electric dipoles with apertures), 23 mm with apertures (U-shaped electric dipoles with apertures), and 23 mm without apertures (rectangular electric dipoles without apertures) is compared in the aspects of SWR and peak gain.
SWRs can even adjust tool recipes on an ad hoc basis through automation by using the Eyelit Integration module and Eyelit Manufacturing's recipe management capabilities.
SWRS members have consistently campaigned for the recognition of Saddleworth's historic identity as part of the West Riding of Yorkshire, and to correct the misconception that the local government changes of 1974 somehow moved Saddleworth into Lancashire.
Ken Fahey, program executive officer for combat support and combat service support, says that drastically reducing water resupply missions by using SWRS returns more Soldiers to the field and reduces the burden on forces during drawdown operations.
Product Manager Force Sustainment Systems has delivered the first eight SWRS units for deployment to Afghanistan as part of an add-on capability to the Force Provider base camp modules.
NHTSA's current standard requires a test in which a large steel plate is pressed down on one side of the vehicle's roof with a force equal to 1.5 times the vehicle's weight (the strength-to-weight ratio, or SWR).
This finding is examined in this study which emphasises the necessity of estimation of the SWRs for project appraisal.
Power amplifiers built with the MOSFET process achieve excellent stability under high SWR conditions, so they eliminate the need for an isolator.
BLA = basolateral amygdala, DG = dentate gyrus, HPC = hippocampus, LC = locus coeruleus, LTP = long-term potentiation, LTD = long-term depression, PFC = prefrontal cortex, SWRs = sharp wave ripples, VTA = ventral tegmental area.
To depict effect of the folded electric dipoles, SWRs and gains of the folded electric dipoles and unfolded electric dipoles are compared, as shown in Figure 5.