SWTFSolid Waste Trust Fund (est. 1990; Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Act; Georgia)
SWTFSolid Waste Task Force (Franklin County, NC)
SWTFSurface Water Treatment Facility
SWTFSystolic Wall Thickening Fraction
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Participants will perform three sets of six different exercises (chosen by SWTF) in a set period of time.
The Senior Fitness Competition is only open to members of SWTF
In April 1991, the SWTF released its report containing 42 discrete initiatives, pilot projects, and testing in the areas of source reduction, reuse, recycling, and composting that McDonald's would undertake through April 1993.
According to the April 1993 McDonald's Waste Reduction Status Report, 23 of the 42 SWTF initiatives have been completed; in addition, another 13 waste reduction initiatives begun since the Task Force Report's release have been completed.
Holland joined TFC in 2011 and quickly advanced from customer service representative at their Bristol location, Bristol Total Fitness (BTF) in 2011 and was promoted to Assistant Manager of SWTF 2014.
The Beihefte to the Sanskrit-Worterbuch der buddhistischen Texte aus den Turfan-Funden (SWTF, started by Ernst Waldschmidt and now edited by Heinz Bechert) have followed each other in rapid succession (since 1989, and also subsequent to the volume under review).
127-54) collects new Abhidharma materials for the SWTF, from three Buddhist Sanskrit texts: the Abhidharmakosavyakhya, the Abhidharmadipavibhasaprabhavrtti, and the Arthaviniscayasutranibandhana.
The publication of these last four parts of the SWTF (the first four of which were previously reviewed in JAOS 97: 550-52; 99: 160-61; and 106: 596-97) brings to completion the first volume of this invaluable reference work devoted to registering the vocabulary of the specifically Buddhist texts transmitted by or belonging to the Sarvastivada school which were retrieved early in the present century in Central Asia by German expeditions and are now kept in Berlin.
The question, then, is whether the prefix ut/ud/un has here a negating (as is evidently supposed by the SWTF) or an intensifying function (as thought by Edgerton in his review of the CPS).
Many corrections and improvements to previously indicated renderings are also provided, with references being supplied when required to reviews of the SWTF where ameliorations had been suggested.
This is the seventh of a projected ten volumes (see SWTF, I: xii, xxiii) of the Sanskrithandschriften aus den Turfanfunden (SHT) containing the complete texts of otherwise unpublished Buddhist Sanskrit manuscripts which were collected in the Turfan oasis region and in sites on the northern Tarim Basin route by the four German expeditions to Central Asia between 1902 and 1914.
This index is prepared according to the standards of the SWTF, providing a complete list of occurrences for all but the most common words.