SWTSStorm Water Treatment System (technology; various locations)
SWTSSecure Web Transaction Solution
SWTSSoftware Technology Strategy
SWTSSubsurface Wastewater Treatment System (environmental engineering)
SWTSSurface Warfare Test Ship
SWTSSpace Wire Test Set
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Information gathered from the SWTS also point to a need to address structural weaknesses, which requires radical and holistic policies that go beyond the issue of adequate pay.
The controller (Figure 1) uses the energy fluctuations inside a tensiometer located in the active root zone of the crop to mechanically enable and cut-off irrigation when the soil-water tension (SWT) reaches a pre-set threshold.
* A+40M (1400): The C Troop commander and 2nd Platoon arrive; 1st Platoon has secured the blast site while medics assist with triage and first aid; 2nd Platoon establishes an outer perimeter with vehicular traffic control points (TCPs) while personnel provide medical support; the commander establishes a forward command post (CP) near the mosque, coordinates a casualty collection point (CCP), and stands down 3rd Platoon at Kirkuk to rest for anticipated reversecycle duty; a scout weapons team (SWT) soon patrols against potential secondary attacks.
After extracting and validating the STWs in LeG-TeXT applying Drouin's (2003) ATR method (following the same steps as in the processing of BLaRC), it was attested that 67% of the SWTs identified were already present in the term lists obtained from our legal corpus using the same ATR method, a considerably high percentage taking into account the fact that the textbooks employed as reference deal with many different types of both private and public legal documents and topics apart from law reports.
The SWTS survey shows that social media have become an important information source about companies, and that employees have the potential to be terrific ambassadors for their organizations.
Educational attainment is relatively high and increasing in Mongolia, as compared to other countries in the area, which mirrors the perceived need for new and higher skills, confirmed by the aspirations of young people declared in answers to questions of the SWTS. Nonetheless, important constraints seem to affect the supply of education, especially in rural areas.
SWTs primary mission is to be your trusted water resource company dedicated to delivering innovative water solutions.
The clinical research process at PharmaCorp is arranged in project teams, called study working teams (SWTs) which work on detailed sub-studies within the comprehensive research programme.
Up to 95 per cent of today's young graduates are overqualified for their current jobs while 50 per cent work in low-skilled non-manual occupations, Khazanah Research Institute's latest school to work transition survey (SWTS) found.
Based on intelligence and terrain analysis, I gave the SWTs an eight-digit grid of a likely enemy position.