SWTUFSudan Workers Trade Unions Federation
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The Convention's agenda concentrated on the national question and amended the constitution in such a manner that would openly allow the SWTUF to engage in national politics.
Concerning the position of the SWTUF as to the ensuing conflict, and following the declaration of 1951, a United Front for Sudan Liberation was formed.
However, while the "traditional" parties and the two religious sects were in favor of the agreement, the SWTUF joined the SCP in opposing it.
On the one hand, the traditional elements represented by their parties (Umma, National Unionist party [NUP], Peoples Democratic Party [PDP]) and their religious sects, and on the other hand, the non-traditional elements, which constituted a fluid coalition between the SCP, the SWTUF, white collar and professional organizations, tenants-farmers unions and others" (Mustafa, 1993).
First, though communists, and their allies, constituted the leadership of the SWTUF, they did not fight, at least not ostensibly, the sectarian localities of the Federation's membership, but exhibited a clear awareness of the role and function of the trade union and tried to hide, even though pretentiously, its "leftist" partisan political inclinations (Ali, 1996).
This could have, further, been feasible, when the communists, who provided the leadership for SWTUF, were working within the organizational framework of the Sudan's Movement for National Liberation (SMNL).
The NUP, even before coming to power, embarked on a policy of impairing the effectiveness of the SWTUF by infiltrating the leadership of its most influential trade unions, especially the SRWU.
Two UK lawyers prepared the filing on behalf of the SWTUF and SIDG, Sir Geoffrey Nice, former senior trial attorney at the Yugoslavian War Crimes Tribunal at the Hague, and Rodney Dixon.
Khartoum, May7 (SUNA) - The Chairman of the Sudan Workers Trade Unions Federation, Engineer, Yusuf Ali Abdul Kareem has pointed out that 40 African and Arab delegations, international and regional workers trade unions centres in addition to 15 state trade unions and federations participate in the 6th SWTUF Conference scheduled to start sessions, at the Friendship Hall, during May, 9-10 .
Khartoum, May 5(SUNA)- The Sudanese Workers Trade Union Federation(SWTUF) will hold at 11:00 am next Saturday, a press conference about arrangements for convocation of the SWTUF 16th general conference .
SWTUF Chairman, Engineer, Yousif Ali Abdul Kareem said in press conference held, Thursday, that the First Workers Festival realized big achievements concerning peaceful co-existence, tolerance, cultural integration and displaying of workers desires and skills .
SWTUF has stressed that what has been achieved was caused by the determination of heroes and support of the Sudanese people, led by SWTUF which will support the Army until the final defeat of the rebels .