SWWASaskatchewan Water and Wastewater Association
SWWASouthwest Western Australia
SWWASouthwestern Washington
SWWASouth West Water Authority
SWWASemantic Web and Web Applications
SWWASwedish Water & Wastewater Association
SWWASeoul Women Workers Association (Korea)
SWWASouthwest Walleye Anglers
SWWASaskatchewan Watchable Wildlife Association
SWWAStarapple-Wines Watershed Association
SWWASouthwest Writers Association
SWWASims-Whitney Water Authority (Arenac County, Michigan)
SWWASouth West Wrestling Association
SWWASwainson Warbler (Limnothlypis swainsonii)
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The effect of soil pH and other soil properties on the residual value of fertiliser Zn in unlimed soils has been studied in SWWA and the rate of decline in the residual value (RV) of Zn was reasonably well predicted by 3 soil properties: soil p[H.
The collection site for the soil was South Stirlings (34[degrees]35'S, 118[degrees]14'E), about 60 km north-east of Albany (35[degrees]S, 117[degrees]52'E), SWWA.
However, few soils in SWWA naturally contain free calcium carbonate (McArthur 1991).
After a 17-day trial at Exeter Crown Court in 1991, SWWA was fined pounds 10,000, with pounds 25,000 costs, after being convicted of causing a public nuisance by supplying water which contained amounts of the chemical likely to endanger public health or comfort.