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SWBSSpiritual Well-Being Scale
SWBSSomebody Wanted But So (reading strategy)
SWBSSouthwest By South
SWBSShips Work Breakdown Structure
SWBSSouthwest Border State(s)
SWBSSatori Wealth Building System (Satori Group)
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Several researchers, working independently, have evaluated the underlying factor structure of scores on the SWBS with different results.
As regards to the validity of the underlying factor structure of the SWBS with African American populations, several factors are worth noting.
The SWBS was developed to assess the spiritual dimension of the subjective state of well-being (Ellison, 1983).
Test-retest reliability coefficients of the SWBS (Paloutzian & Ellison, 1982) have been shown to be .
The subscale structure of the SWBS determined from factor analysis has varied across studies.
Therefore, the present study used a Jordanian Arab Christian sample to assess the cross-cultural applicability of the Arabic version of the SWBS by examining its psychometric properties.
A three variable solution was found for the discriminant function model with confidence/achievement motivation, goal setting/mental preparation, and freedom from worry contributing significantly to the equation, accounting for 13% of the variability in SWBS levels (Wilk's Lambda = .
The independent variables were age, biological sex, percentage of one's lifetime with visual impairment, the SSDS score, and both the religious and the existential well-being scores of the SWBS.
The researcher always administered the SSDS, SWBS, and the Brief COPE verbally and in that order.
Scores on the GRCS, MGRS, SWBS and I/E ROS subscales were calculated and together with the personal data were entered into a data file for further statistical analyses.
Analysis of variance (ANOVA), with follow-up least squares means analysis, was employed to compare gender on the SWBS variables of interest.
Taken together with the SWBS, these data suggest that the religiosity level of our sample falls in between levels typically seen in Christian and secular college student samples.