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Comparison of Sw and Sxo in the hydrocarbon zone gives the movable hydrocarbon ([S.sub.xo] - [s.sub.w]), which is equal to the fraction of the movable hydrocarbons in the formation.
Numerous enhancements to the existing functionality have been included in IP 4.2: text curves that can be fully utilised as curves, functions and discriminators; picks that can be zones boundaries, which further enhance the multi-well workflows; improved lithology shading; porosity and water saturation modules include options for a variable Sxo, and a Vshale workflow; histograms can be shown on cross-plot axes; the Saturation Height module includes an interactive closure correction cross-plot, and a 3D function plot; and the Image Analysis has had many usability improvements.
If SW / SXO value is greater than 1 then the hydrocarbon is not moved during invasion.