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SXRDSilicon X-Tal Reflective Display (Sony)
SXRDSilicon X-Tal Reflective Display
SXRDSilicon Crystal Reflective Display
SXRDSurface X-Ray Diffraction (materials analysis method)
SXRDSoft X-Ray Detector
SXRDSilicon Crystal Reflexive Display
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The new VPL-HW65ES uses full HD SXRD panels while borrowing interface and processing technology from its 4K cousins.
According to the company, the projector features 35,000:1 contrast ratio, which is achieved by a combination of Sony SXRD (Silicon X-tal Reflective Display) panels, new optical parts and the Sony Advanced Iris 2 system, where the iris can respond automatically to the overall brightness of each scene.
Sony dice que su nueva tecnologia SXRD es tan buena que puede convertirse en el "Trinitron" del comienzo del siglo, o en otras palabras, la referencia para los consumidores.
SXRD panels, along with Reality Creation and Motionflow features, give users the opportunity to project films in high cinematic quality in 3D and 2D, straight into their living rooms.
As the only manufacturer of commercially available 4k resolution digital camera projectors and the only manufacturer to provide the complete end-to-end cinema digital solution to exhibitors, SXRD 4k from Sony is leading the digital cinema revolution.
Laser projection TV using SXRD display device that realizes wider color gamut and high contrast.
Sonys 4K SXRD imaging technology and HDR support continues to be the state-of-the-art in home theater projection.
With the ability to project 3D in full HD 1080p, the VPL-VW90ES features an upgraded SXRD panel and is said to be the first 3D projector with a high frame of 240Hz.
Sony s advanced SXRD panels are designed to produce outstanding native device contrast and when coupled with the laser light engine, the VPL-VW5000ES provides an infinite dynamic contrast ratio and 5,000 lumens of color light output.