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SYBStart Your Business
SYBScrap Your Boilerplate (generic functional programming)
SYBSinai Yatirim Bankasi (Turkish: Industrial Investment Bank)
SYBStatesman's Year-Book
SYBStatistical Yearbook of Bangladesh
SYBSimply Your Best (Computer Training Canada product distribution; Aberdeen, Scotland, UK)
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(Ya + SYa) less than (Yb + SYb) and (Ya - SYa) > (Yb - SYb) or (Ya + SYa) > (Yb + SYb) and (Ya - SYa) less than (Yb - SYb) then kha is wrongly superior to khb.
These are shared cultural knowledge (SCK), metaphor (MPH), shared social knowledge (SSK), reference (RE), inference (INF), symbolism (SYB), proverb (PR), pidgin (P), language transfer (LT) and lexical borrowing (LB).
SYB, 2006, "National action plan for integrated border management strategy in Turkey", Sinir Yonetimi Burosu (Border Management Bureau) Ministry of the Interior of Turkey, Ankara
Consumer price indices of the yearbooks did not explicitly mention qat until June 2002 (SYB for 2001), despite the fact that a household budget survey conducted in 1992 had documented that qat was the single most important consumption item after cereal and meat products.
Syntaxin (syt), synaptobrevin (syb), and the so-called synaptosomal associated protein of 25 kDa (SNAP-25) together form an SDS-resistant heterotrimeric complex that spans the vesicle and PM, bringing the two into close proximity (i.e., ~2 nm; Sutton et al., 1998).
(Rest in peace Syb xxxx.) YATES -- SYBIL, October 21, 2012.
Syb and Phil ran a great school, teaching many pupils to dance.
A comparison of different segment based broadcasting schemes Storage space Broadcasting (% of the Client Schemes Waiting Time (second) Video) Bandwidth 1 SB L/K 0 % b 2 FB L/(2K-1) 50% K*b 3 HB HB L/eK-0.57722 37% K*b 4 NPaB HB < WT < FB 45% K*b 5 CHB HB < WT < FB 37% K*b 6 QHB HB < WT < FB 37% K*b 7 RFS HB < WT < FB 37% K*b 8 STB L/(2K-1) 25% 2b 9 MSB HB < WT < FB 37% (K-1)*b 10 RFB L/(2K-1) 25% K*b 11 SyB Adjustable, WT > FB 10% 2b 12 ISHB ISHB HB < WT <FB 25% (K-1)*b 13 Hybrid HB < WT < FB 25% K*b 14 GDB Adjustable, WT > FB Adjustable Adjustable 15 RGDB Adjustable, WT > FB Adjustable Adjustable 16 CCA Adjustable, WT > FB Adjustable Adjustable Table 2.
Syb Kemp created a beautiful setting of fall colors.
14 November 2011 - Japanese SymBio Pharmaceuticals Ltd (OSA:4582) said last week it had commenced a Phase II Japanese study of bendamustine hydrochloride (SyB L-0501) in frontline low-grade non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL) and mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) patients.
Emblematic of this reluctance is the debate between the ministers Syb Talma and Johannes Cornelis Sikkel around the turn of the twentieth century.