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Sybil rushed to her, flung her arms round her neck, and kissed her.
Both were in shadow and the Sybil of Cuma herself could not have read them.
He might as well have been the Sybil who tore up the leaves of prophecy that nobody would attend to.
'Twas once--methinks year one of our blessed Lord,-- Drunk without wine, the Sybil thus deplored:-- "How ill things go!
Nero's Baths, the ruins of Baiae, the Temple of Serapis; Cumae, where the Cumaen Sybil interpreted the oracles, the Lake Agnano, with its ancient submerged city still visible far down in its depths--these and a hundred other points of interest we examined with critical imbecility, but the Grotto of the Dog claimed our chief attention, because we had heard and read so much about it.
After winning his way into Parliament he wrote in 1844-7 three political novels,' Coningsby,' 'Sybil,' and 'Tancred,' which set forth his Tory creed of opposition to the dominance of middle-class Liberalism.
Sybil, 59, was thrilled when she was told she would receive the bouquet, but she just wants to give something back to the charity that has done so much for her.
The promo video above reveals Sybil (Nathalie Kelley) will send Damon (Ian Somerhalder) to kill Bonnie.
Having pined to return to her native North Wales - she is originally from Penmaenmawr - Sybil had a two-week "trial run" in Llandudno before Christmas.
Buy six Sybil Geranium Mixed for PS11.99 or order 24 for PS23.98 - that's a brilliant HALF PRICE deal.
While Sybil continued acting for a time, with roles including voicing Myfanwy Price in a radio version of Under Milk Wood in 1954, she eventually gave up her career, preferring to move with Burton to America - a wife as opposed to an actress.