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SYBOStudy Your Brains Out
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WSYO had the highest protein content, crude fat, and ash content followed by SYBO, WO had the least.
Sample SYBO had the highest Fe content, while WSYO had the highest Ca and P contents.
Statistical analysis of sensory evaluation results showed a significant difference (P [less than or equal to] 0.05) in appearance between SO and other blends, while SYBO, WO and MO are not significantly different from each other in appearance.
There was no significant difference in texture between SO, SYBO and WO.
Sybo Schouten traces the development of the field in the Netherlands.
Rhine's studies of spontaneous PK and RSPK (poltergeist) research, and Sybo Schouten compares Dr.
The final contribution is by Sybo Schouten, who reviews the assumptions underlying the research methods used by parapsychologists over the course of the field's history.
Utrecht University psychologist Sybo Schouten (in press) compared funding patterns in parapsychology with those of American psychology; he found that the total human and financial resources devoted to parapsychology since 1882 might, at best, equal the expenditures for two months of conventional psychological research in the United States in the year 1983!