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Limitations in the use of SYBR Green I for detecting small sequence variations are detailed elsewhere (10).
When SYBR Green I was used as the indicator instead of labeled primers, a 1:30 000 final dilution from the Molecular Probes stock was used.
The double strand-specific dye, SYBR Green I (SYBR), was obtained from Molecular Probes and used for DMA.
For this study 100 characterized blood samples typed with the conventional allele-specific PCR method were analyzed with SYBR Green I on the LightCycler.
However, in this study, SYBR Green-I was used for rs7216389 locus genotyping for the first time.
Detection and serotyping of DENV was performed using a one-step SYBR Green[R] I protocol in a 25 [micro]L reaction containing 2X QuantiFast SYBR Green[R] I Buffer (QIAGEN, GmbH, Hilden, Germany), 20 pmol/[micro]L of each primer, nuclease-free water and 100 ng of RNA.
In the present study, the performance of two real-time PCR chemistries were compared to recognize the potential of the SYBR Green I chemistry as an alternative to the TaqMan assay for the specific detection of pandemic as well as seasonal influenza A viruses.
For this study, all SYBR green assays were modified from the previously described assays (5), with the exception of the reverse primers for the newly designed PB1 and NS segments (Table 1).
The agreement includes patents relating to real-time polymerase chain reaction methods and instrumentation, including the 5' Nuclease process and the use of SYBR Green I in PCR reactions.
The blue/green excitation/emission spectra are comparable to SYBR Green so GR Safe is compatible with existing gel documentation systems.
Bacteriocin-producing strains of interest were subjected to a SYBR green-based real-time PCR array using sets of primers made from the coding sequence for all known LAB bacteriocin structural genes and sequenced at the researchers' university facility.