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Double stranded PCR product was detected by fluorescent dye associated with SYBR green-I at each extension step.
Among the 66 PBMC samples positive for BKV DNA with semi-nested PCR, viral load ranged from 146 X [10.sup.0] to 34 X [10.sup.3] copies/[10.sup.6] PBMC by SYBR green real-time PCR.
Artificially infected blood samples were used in order to compare the in-house Line Probe Assay and SYBR Green Real-Time PCR concerning the detection of periodontal pathogens.
Figure 2(a) shows separation of amplification products on agarose gel after electrophoresis, and Figure 2(b) shows LAMP products in reaction tubes after staining with SYBR Green I dye.
Using tissue homogenates of the skin and tongue mucosa, brain, lungs, liver, spleen, heart, mesenteric lymph nodes, and intestines of the 12 dead animals (a total of 70 samples), we conducted an additional SYBR Green realtime PCR to confirm the presence of orthopoxvirus in all affected animals (Table 1).
Back in 1995, we were working with SYBR Green I as a gel stain, and against manufacturer's recommendations tried various concentrations in real-time PCR.
Virus and prokaryote enumeration from planktonic aquatic environments by epifluorescence microscopy with SYBR Green I.
In this study, the enhanced sensitivity and specificity of qPCR was exploited for rapid detection and quantitation of TYLCV-OM using SYBR Green chemistry.
China), 1 [micro]l of SYBR Green I (diluted to 1:10 with 6xloading buffer) (Invitrogen, Australia), 1 [micro]l of the hydroxynaphthol blue dye (HNB) (3 mM, Lemongreen, Shanghai, China), 1 [micro]l of phenol red (diluted to 1:10 with 6xloading buffer) (Sigma-Aldrich Chemie GmbH) or 1 [micro]l of the GelRed[TM] dye (Biotum, India) were separately added from a stock solution to the master mix.