SYCLSouth Yorkshire Cricket League (UK)
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About 60 faculty members are actively working on their courses; many of these individuals are SYCL members.
2] Nonstandard abbreviations: SYCL, Society for Young Clinical Laboratorians; CCTC, Clinical Chemistry Trainee Council.
The SYCL committee wishes to thank all who have supported its efforts during the past 10 years through their ideas, advocacy, feedback, mentoring, dedication, and volunteered time.
Whereas the day-to-day activities of SYCL are largely left up to the Committee itself, both the AACC leadership and the SYCL Committee are cognizant of each other's goals and aim to synchronize efforts.
The SYCL Committee is afforded a budget by the AACC for face-to-face meetings, educational events, awards, and programs.
SYCL has yielded a number of benefits for both the AACC and young scientists.
Owing to the successful formation and growth of SYCL within the AACC, the SYCL leadership wanted to provide the tools and ideas for other laboratory medicine organizations that might desire to form and adapt their own version of SYCL.