SYCOSingapore Youth Chinese Orchestra
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The day out was thrown as a "well done" to staff after Syco emerged as the leading albums and singles label in the UK.
Contestants can only talk with permission from Syco.
A spokeswoman for Syco and Bravado said: "This paper has our full support.
She added: "There were lots of work opportunities when I was with Syco but the label wouldn't let me take them.
He also lashed out at fellow Syco signing One Direction - Si's prized act - and his own PR team, telling them to "stick to promoting" former Britain's Got Talent winner Paul Potts.
Syco, who represent the band, accused SGI of trying to cash in on the band's fame.
The cracks had formed and we were trying to patch things up when we left Syco, rather than quitting, the Daily Express quoted Byrne as telling the Daily Record.
Simon Cowell founded his TV production company Syco in 2004 and struck a deal with Sony BMG in December last year, which gave him label rights to his artists for the next five years.
Syco is working with Animal Logic, the team behind The Lego Movie and Happy Feet, to make a full-length cartoon of Betty Boop.
But we can reveal that Roxy was handpicked in 2007 to tour with Westlife, Shayne Ward and G4 - who have all been signed to Syco.
A SyCo source revealed: "Simon holds Karren in high esteem.
A source at Syco confirmed: "There were a couple of informal meetings earlier in the year.