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SYDSeitokai Yakuindomo (manga and anime)
SYDSum-of-Years Digits
SYDSum-Of-The-Years'-Digits (depreciation method; also seen as SOYD)
SYDSeries Yaw Dampner (aviation)
SYDStonewall Young Democrats (est. 2004; West Hollywood, CA)
SYDSystem Drawings
SYDSubject Your Discretion (air traffic control)
SYDSimply Your Driver (vehicle service)
SYDSlay Your Dragon
SYDSydney, New South Wales, Australia - Sydney Municipal (Airport Code)
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Tom did n't know what to make of her at first, though he thought the change uncommonly becoming and finally decided that Polly had taken his advice and was "setting her cap for Syd," as he gracefully expressed it.
Good-night, 'sweet Mistress Milton,' as Syd called you.
He hands out grub, including the Syd Special Burger - two quarter pounders and two onion rings inside one bun - at the Little Restaurant in the Steamer pub.
They eventually split in 2003 when Eddie Large, 76, who dubbed Syd "Supersonic", needed a heart transplant.
They told Syd it would deter birds from roosting in the sycamore, contributing to the mess at his home in Darlington, Co Durham.
Alan said: "What happened with Syd Barrett at the start of their career conditioned what happened later in their career.
Syd orders pizzas, and as the band waits, the conversation turns from a rundown of an upcoming trip to Europe into an informal symposium on Steve's health.
I would recommend getting Syd checked over by a veterinary surgeon that can take a more complete clinical history and examine him.
As part of the agreement, Tieto will be fully in-charge of the systems, operations and management of the securities management (Software as a Service) and the back office services (Business Process Outsourcing) of Sparbanken Syd.
The post SYD questions Cyprus' barriers with street art appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Syd Barrett - who would have been 70 last week - led Pink Floyd to early success but left in 1968 amid reports of drug use, erratic behaviour and mental illness.
The message that those we love are still in our hearts through happy memories is a good one, although I would have preferred it if Syd had not been left to navigate the choppy waters of grief on his own, there is lots to stimulate question and conversation in this charming book.