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SYDSeitokai Yakuindomo (manga and anime)
SYDSum-of-Years Digits
SYDSum-Of-The-Years'-Digits (depreciation method; also seen as SOYD)
SYDSeries Yaw Dampner (aviation)
SYDStonewall Young Democrats (est. 2004; West Hollywood, CA)
SYDSystem Drawings
SYDSubject Your Discretion (air traffic control)
SYDSimply Your Driver (vehicle service)
SYDSydney, New South Wales, Australia - Sydney Municipal (Airport Code)
SYDSlay Your Dragon
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Tom did n't know what to make of her at first, though he thought the change uncommonly becoming and finally decided that Polly had taken his advice and was "setting her cap for Syd," as he gracefully expressed it.
Good-night, 'sweet Mistress Milton,' as Syd called you.
Speaking at the signing ceremony, the Program Manager of FORUM SYD Liberia Asa David Chon said the process is intended to buttress the efforts of CSOs in the Country.
Syd - Marcus's little sister and Mike Lowrey's lover - had a job at the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) that she "clearly had to be capable enough to get, but then magically she can't save herself, and her brother and her lover have to come save her", quips Gabrielle, rolling her eyes.
Some 67 years after she left school with one O-level, Hilary got her creative writing masters from Kingston University, Surrey, while Syd drives all over the country.
Syd Barrett was very much the frontman and wrote their early singles and most of their first album.
Syd - one half of veteran double act Little and Large - was asked to appear on Extras, playing a version of himself.
"A fortnight on, Ricky rang me." Now Syd, 75, is pleased he stuck to his guns despite Ricky's plea.
Miranda's budding romance with Nick will feel utterly relatable to any reader who's bumbled through first love, and the evolution of Miranda's friendship with Syd is equal parts heartwarming and painful in the way only a changing friendship can be.
He serves grub including the Syd Special Burger - two quarter pounders and two onion rings in a bun - at the Little Restaurant in the Steamer pub in Fleetwood, Lancashire.
Alan said: "What happened with Syd Barrett at the start of their career conditioned what happened later in their career.