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It is sayd there be a raunge of mountaynes in the Easte, on one syde of the which certayn conducts are immorall, yet on the other syde they are holden in good esteeme; wherebye the mountayneer is much conveenyenced, for it is given to him to goe downe eyther way and act as it shall suite his moode, withouten offence.
His hed he hath enclined [??]e for to kysse, his armes he hath spred [??]e for to clippe, his syde he opened [??]e for to loue, and alle [??]is for to drawe mannys saule for to loue hym.
Benewens die (soms terloopse) verwysings na kleurwoorde in die kommentare van sommige kritici (Conington [1881], Page [1968], Williams [1979], Thomas [1988], Mynors [1990] en Erren [2003]) het Edgeworth (1992) se literer-kritiese studie oor Vergilius se gebruik van kleurterme in die Aeneis baie van die reeds snuifgetrapte onsekerhede ter syde gestel.
Oceanside, NY, November 01, 2015 --( South Nassau Communities Hospital has received a gift of $20,000 from the Syde Hurdus Foundation in support of the hospital's $60-million emergency department renovation and expansion project.
Dit ter syde gestel, is dit wel waar dat die titel The Road of Excess 'n ander sleutel vir die leser gee om die roman mee te interpreteer.
She admits: "I would no lenger in the bed abyde / If that I felte his arm over my syde / Tel he had maad his raunson unto me" (409-11).
And looke at last how of most wretched wights, He taken was, betrayd, and false accused, How with most scornefull taunts, and fell despights He was revyld, disgrast, and foule abused, How scourgd, how crownd, how buffeted, how brused; And lasdy how twixt robbers crucifyde, With bitter wounds through hands, through feet and syde. (225-45) Then in the final poem, "An Hymne of Heavenly Beautie," the platonized Venus of the second hymn finds her counterpart in the climax of the whole sequence, Spenser's vision of the Lady Sapience.
/ [and] In wynter [having] the wynde on every syde' (822-3).
[28.] Khaled Hammouda, "A Comparative Study of Data Clustering Techniques", SYDE 625: Tools of Intelligent Systems Design.
This work was supported in part by financial support from Syde Hurdus Foundation Inc., Merrick, NY, USA.
"And then see on the tother syde what a sorte there be commonly therein, of them whome wylfull vnthriftynesse hathe broughte to nought ...