SYGSteal Your Girl
SYGSet Your Goals (band)
SYGStole Your Glory
SYGStole Your Glory (gaming clan)
SYGStand Your Ground
SYGSurrey Youth Games (UK)
SYGScrew You Guys (South Park)
SYGScottish Young Greens (Scottish Green Party; UK)
SYGSelect-Your-Gift, Inc. (Oak Brook, IL)
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The detected results showed that the bond strength of SQG samples were 0.04 MPa, 0.27 MPa, 0.08 MPa, 0.04 MPa when the fiber was pretreated for 5h, 10h, 15h and 20h, respectively; the bond strength of SYG samples were 0.07 MPa, 0.72 MPa, 0.07 MPa, 0.06 MPa when the fiber was pretreated for 5h, 10h, 15h and 20h, respectively.
Infrequent empirical investigation of the SYG Law has occurred, even for research on the impact of similar self-defense laws on crime worldwide.
The United States can claim it was standing its ground in Afghanistan and Iraq, and in that sense SYG is a colonialist principle.
No provision of SYG laws gives a person a "license to kill" or absolves them from the requirement that their actions meet what is known as the "reasonable person standard." The question for jurors is, would a reasonable person in this situation react as the person in question did.
UN SYG [secretary general] Ban may not wish to engage on this issue at the beginning of his tenure, especially in view of the way Mugabe treated former UN SYG [Kofi] Annan," the cable said.
Die uurglas syg deur--sy, sal haar vuis deur daardie glasmuur slaan.
The mountain area in this table includes Meizhou, Heyuan, Shaoguan and Qingyuan only Source: The data for 1989-1992 is prepared from Statistical Yearbook of Guangdong (SYG) 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1993; and Statistical Materials on Foreign Economic Relations of Guangdong Province.
To develop and market the product, the two companies created a shared subsidiary, Societe Yoghourts et Glaces (SYG).
Minelskede (My Beloved, 1968), Syg og munter (Sick and Cheerful, 1972), Det private liv (The Private Life, 1974), Langt borte taler byen med min stemme (Off in the Distance the City Speaks with My Voice, 1976), AEgteskabsleg (Marriage Game, 1977), Aja, hvor skon!
Holm's novels deal with such issues as corruption of language, in Jomfrutur (1966; "Maiden Voyage"); ignorance, in Termush, Atlanterhavskysten (1967; Termush); and poverty, in Syg og munter (1972; "Sick and Happy").