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SYGMASyndicat Général des Constructeurs de Tracteurs et Machines Agricoles (French: General Union of Manufacturers of Tractors and Farm Machinery)
SYGMASymbolic Generator and Macro Assembler
SYGMASystème Informatique Gestion Maintenance (French: Computer Maintenance Management System)
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During both of these translations, the MP3 standard was also displaced--connected to new groups of actors with other interests, including audio researchers, radio industry players, and, eventually, as with the case of Sygma, Internet developers.
The Sygma cards have an APR of 16.9% and have no introductory offers.
Phil with Swiss beauty Orianne before the split Pictures: STEVE AZZAR/CORBIS SYGMA; Orianne home...
(5) As a consequence of the above, the event which unfolds in a Present [rigth arrow] Future axis (as a result of probability lines) will tend to coalesce and finally be `trapped' in the Sygma attractor's latest organizational state.
Reverse 911 is a registered trademark of Sygma Micro Corp.
A registered trademark of Sygma Micro Corp., this computer program allows a police officer to mark the area(s) of potential danger and record a message.
Last week, Claude Salhani, director of UPI Newspictures, announced he was resigning to become chief of the Paris bureau of Sygma, the international news photo agency.
When the Court of Justice upheld the Commission's Decision in 1998, the Commission decided to bring all similar exchanges organised in the EU by producers and associations into line, as the concentration level in the sector is high in all the Member States.--The Commission has sent comfort letters to the following associations: Sygma (France), Unacoma (Italy), LAV (Germany), AEA (United Kingdom), Ansemat (Spain), Fedagrim (Belgium) and LIB (Denmark).
On that fateful night of August 30, 1997, photographers from Gamma, Sygma, and Sipa joined the paparazzi in pursuit of Princess Diana.